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Current Version: 0.94e

A friend (thanks, John) suggested I look at my code for determining if an object was transparent or translucent and specifically at the values being tested for. I might be running into a numerical accuracy issue that didn't (and still doesn't) exist on VC6 (he recompiled the code on VC6 and said that both problems went away). So, I changed the cutoff on the transparent/translucent alpha value and the transparency started working again. I wish I could take credit for fixing that. But that goes to my bud, John Millen. (thought it was Carmack, didn't you!) :o) Anyway, that code fix has been posted up to the subversion repository.

I am now looking at re-writing the flats rendering part of the glDoom code to be faster and will probably just go with using the sub-sectors generated by idBSP to draw the flats. The code I wrote is UGLY to use John's word for it. So, it needs rewriting. I'll be doing that next. I don't know how long that will take. I've slowed down in the last 10 years. A friend once called me a "refactoring fool" because I coded, in his words 'stupid fast'. But, no longer. I'm not complaining, though. At least I don't drool...

I'll be updating here when I remember to and I have something to say. I need to put a navigation frame up and all that stuff. I'm pretty slow these days. But I'll do it as soon as I can.

I discovered the glDoom code on one of the hard drives I inherited back from a friend (he died) I gave them to just prior to my losing my main system and my backup server. So, I have reclaimed the glDoom source code and made it public almost as soon as I found it. I won't get struck like that again.

The code, as-is, has a few problems from just rotting, I think and being ported to a new compiler Visual Studio 2008 and I'm also using DirectInput8, now. So, the code is all "modern" as far as compiling is concerned.

But there are two obvious problems from the start.

The code is as it was on 15 Mar, 1999. I have modified it a little to get it to compile and to fix two bugs, the "-nosound" option wasn't working and the wide aspect ratiio issue. Otherwise, it's there for you to do whatever you like with it as long as you follow the GPL.

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glDoom uses source code modified by someone other than id Software. id Software is not responsible in any way, shape, form or fashion for any problems you may have running glDoom or for any consequences of running glDoom. So there.

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