Doom or OpenGL Sites

NOTE:Some sites may no longer be "alive" and some may have become something else. BAL - 11 Apr, 2010

id Software - The geniuses behind Doom.

DOSDoom - A very nice DOS port of Doom. - Apparently "dead"

PrBoom - Another great DOS and Win32+OpenGLport of Doom

ZDoom - Randy Heit's excellent Win32 port of Doom

DoomWorld - A great Doom news site.

Redwood's Forest - Sean "Redwood" Martin's cool site.

Voodoo Extreme - Another great 3D news site.

Blue's News - A great FPS game news site.

DooM Music CD - Bobby Prince's Doom CD order page.

GE Minigun - What I'd like the chaingun to sound like.