glDoom ScreenShots

Click on any of the thumbnail images to see the full size 640x480 image.

Please bear in mind that JPEG images lose image clarity during the compression process. The actual BMP screen shots look better than this. I may post the BMP's when I get better bandwidth access.

I rearranged the order of the screen shots so that they go backward chronologically as you go down the list.

These shots are comparison shots I made with WinDoom so you can see the difference in rendering between WinDoom and glDoom.
These shots are some I made while checking the lighting and rendering speed I thought you might like to see them.
This shot is at 1024x768 so you can get a better idea of what OpenGL rendering does for the Doom graphics. The status bar still has errors that I have not fixed yet. The alignment errors in the digits are there in the original. I will probably "adjust" those by scaling them down a little so they fit better. In this shot the geometry is still being generated mostly externally. The status bar, console and menu coordinates are being generated at run time.
This shot is what the current geometry/lighting model looks like. Note that there are no sprites in the shot and no weapon is displayed. This is because they haven't been done yet. They are there but they are not being displayed. The status bar and geometry are, at this point, fully functional. The geometry is still being generated external to the program. I am currently working on integrating the geometry generation directly into the program.
This is a screen shot I took while working on the geometry conversion. The floors and ceilings have not been converted to polygons yet. Also a test texture was used rather than the real textures so that the edges of the polygons (quads) could be seen.
This shot is with the texture mapped status bar, the pain face and the large numbers. I was still jockeying the numbers around to get them in correct place. Also note that the "FRAG" plate of the status bar has been replaced by the "ARMS" plate.
This shot finally has all the text displayed on the status bar. Some of the characters still have stray black pixels which are imperfections in the way the alpha map is being created. I'm still working on this problem.
This shot is with the texture mapped status bar and the pain face only. Note that no text is displayed except what is already part of the status bar image. Also note that the "FRAG" plate of the status bar has been replaced by the "ARMS" plate.
This shot is from experimenting with using glDrawPixels versus using a texture mapped polygon to display the status bar. It turned out that using glDrawPixels is a little slower on some cards and a LOT slower on others. The program now uses the texture mapped polygon approach for displaying the status bar.