DOOM © 1993, Id Software, Inc.

WinDoom V0.96a - 220K

WinDoom V0.96a Source - 466K

WinDoom MAK file - 73K

Local glDoom V0.94e - 313K - ZIP file.

Local glDoom V0.95a + wadbuild source/resources - 6713K - ZIP file.

glDoom Mirrors - may not be updated, yet...

FileFront glDoom_094e 990K - EXE installer

Stomped.Com is, alas, no more does not appear to exist any more but SimTel ( does. -- Appears to now be some sort of library site... :shrug: -- Is no longer a gaming site. :frown:

PCWizCo -- Has gone dark. :sigh:

3DFiles.Com -- DNS now points to GameSpot :sigh: -- Has the lights on but no one is home :sigh:

DoomWorld - Still Kicking! But no glDoom :shrug:

PointBlank Gaming (Western Canada) -- Has gone dark. :sigh:

Not currently seeking mirrors...

Demo OpenGL program with source - 32K
This program is NOT glDoom.

GLDView - OpenGL Doom Level Viewer - 50K
This program is NOT glDoom!!!

DOOM Linux Source

Bruce Lewis is in no way affiliated with id Software® . Although he is a fanboy of their work. Regardless of that, glDoom is a derivative work and is not supported by id Software® so don't be a jerkwad and bug them about it. They can't and won't help you with it. Nor should they!