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10 April, 2010

This site has recently been re-created on sourceforge.net. I found the source code at long last and finally get to share my work. I never really recovered (game programming wise) after the fiasco with losing my code (ALL my work going back to college in 1976). I took a long break from gaming after that. It's a siren song, though, and I HAD to go back once I found this. It took the death of my best friend for me to get this code back and I almost threw it out not knowing that the code was on the drives that I'd had back in my possession for nearly 5 years (Ron died in 2005 and left me all his computer stuff). I decided immediately, though, to make sure it would still build and run then post it as a project on Source Forge as I should have done to start with. The port to Visual Studio 2008 appears to have caused a couple of problems.

But the code is "out there", now. I feel like a black spot has been taken from my soul, now. You guys will never know how awful that felt. I hope you never do. To be a programmer as long as I have and then lose your code makes you feel VERY stupid. Not to mention the sense of loss. Almost like losing every lover you've ever had all at once. If you're not a programmer you may not understand that. But my fellow programmers probably get it all too well. I have off-site copies of everything on our computers, now. Never again will that happen to me.
id Software® (John Carmack) released the source code to Doom for the Linux operating system on 23 December, 1997. I downloaded the source code and ported it to Windows 95&trade using the Win32&trade SDK and DirectX&trade 5 from Microsoft&trade. I named the resulting program WinDoom.

WinDoom became the basis for another project that uses the Doom engine. glDoom, which will become a client / server Internet capable Doom level playing engine and that currently uses OpenGL 1.1 as the renderer. A Direct3D&trade version may possibly be created and has not been ruled out but I won't start anything like that until glDoom is in much better shape.

glDoom is publicly available in binary and source form. The main parts of the program are done but there several pieces left to be finished. And there is a good deal of room there for OpenGL and other optimizations. The code "runs" but isn't very efficient, yet. The OpenGL pipeline needs a lot of optimizing to work well. There are far too many state changes (which kill performance) in the code as it is, now. I am working to remedy that and will change this document to reflect when that has been accomplished to my satisfaction.

® is a Registered Trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

DirectX® is a Registered Trademark of Microsoft&trade Corporation.

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